Unleashed Content by Peter Bogers (Wood St. Galleries
One of the most exciting events in the city is the Gallery Crawl in the Cultural District.  The quarterly "Crawl" acts as one huge gallery opening for the galleries of the Cultural District as it showcases artists and performers from all over the area.  This Spring there were 23 galleries and venues that participated in the event.  Who knew there were so many galleries in that 3 block radius?  The Gallery Crawl is a very fun night - everything is free; drinks, sometimes food, and of the course the galleries and entertainment.  It's a great tradition Pittsburgh is making for the up and coming artists in this city.  The next Gallery Crawl will be July 13th - hope to see you all there!

Here are some of my favorite galleries:

The SPACE gallery featured work by Mark Boulos, Gerard Hoithuis, Folkert de Jong, Geert Mul, Marnix de Nijs, and Karen Sargsyan.

Untitled (Abroad Understanding) by Karen Sargsyan  at SPACE. 

Broken Slogan at Future Tenant feat. works by Arthur Mohagen III, Johnathan Chamberlain (also curator), and John Phillip Abbott. 

Cell Phone Disco   - This has been up for a while - but I still LOVE it!  
Girls N' Guns at 707 Penn Gallery 
Torso by 12th Grader Jackie Clarke at the Trust Arts Education Center

Religiously Bound by Tayaunna Jackson at the Trust Arts Education Center (I was able to meet and speak with Ms. Jackson who is in 8th grade, she explains that the piece represents the entry way to hell, and how that idea sways people on a daily basis - we are "religiously bound")  
MY FAVORITE:  Unleashed Content by Peter Bogers at Wood St. Galleries (It's a video chorus of YouTube videos of people crying, bungee jumping, yelling, dancing, ect.. all at once, it's VERY cool!!!)



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