Before your start getting curtain ideas for you windows there are some things you need to take into account. The first step to designing your window treatment is the window style. There are many different styles and shapes of windows; from the standard rectangular to the projecting bay window.

These windows all require distinctively different types of curtain hardware and curtains. A standard straight curtain rod cannot be used for a bay or bow window. The side of the house your window sits on also determines the weight of the fabric you will use. A window that receives direct sunlight needs a fabric that will filter some of the sunlight protecting your interior furniture, yet allowing enough sunlight in the winter months to help keep a room warm during the day. The same window may require a heavier fabric or insulated drapes during the cold winter night to keep the cold air from entering the room. A street side facing window may require a fabric that gives privacy and yet lets the light in. To be safe consider the flammability of the fabric. If you are going to stitch you own curtains choose a fabric that is manageable. Silk is delicate and difficult to sew and is not the choice fabric for a beginner. If the fabric is subject to getting dirty choose a fabric that can be washed easily; like cotton for kitchen curtain. Whichever fabric you choose can be enhanced by using appliqué and attaching shapes; you can bring new life to plain fabric. Use fabric glue to attach these new shapes. Decorate sheer curtains by using a colorfast outliner pen. Iron the back of the fabric to fix the ink.


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